Do you like Mianite? NOW YOU CAN BE A PART OF THE ACTION!!!
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Have you ever wanted to play a major role in a televised Minecraft story? Look no further! Come be a part of the action on our new server, SweetAdventures - go through the training to be a messenger for your favorite god, go on quests to discover knowledge, battle other players for treasure, receive rewards from your god, and more! Choose your side: good, bad, or neutral. Then, become a loyal follower of your god and reap the rewards in the race to beat the rival gods in finding every hidden book on the server! Oh, and did I mention - this might be on YouTube? Yep, you heard that right! If you're a fan of the Mianite series on YouTube, here is your chance to be on a plot-themed fantasy server and see yourself streaming on Twitch and possibly YouTube. Be a hero, a villain, or an observer - it's up to you. Your destiny is shaped by the quests you complete and the god you follow.
Applications to be invited to the server are currently open. Please follow the link to fill out the application (super short!), and we will get back to you as soon as possible. The server is expected to start the story in July, so we will be accepting applications for a month. Please know - we can only accept a small amount of applications to begin with, and these people will be our "focus group" to help with ideas on the server. If you do not qualify to join the server in the focus group, don't worry! Everyone who applies will be considered for invitation when the story begins.

Best of luck on this godly journey...
~NightShade, goddess of darkness