Download/upload site for all minecraft mods.
To install texture packs in your WoM Minecraft Client Wrapper easily, please see this topic:
Installing textures easily!
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I built a little site on my server
that has a very organized upload download section to get all these
mods organized. Feel free to upload your mods. You can attach upto 3
screenshots per upload along with the files you uploads as well. If you
can think of anything I need to change as far as the categories let me

Going to be adding:


**ADDED**     Peekaboo maps ( you will be able to upload your maps to the site for all to see)
**ADDED**     Chat(Ventrillo &Shoutbox)
**ADDED**     Ventrillo Premium with multiple server room chats
**ADDED**     Video Upload
Photo Gallery to store your shots

and more...

Suggestions always welcome.

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