----------====Dreamland ====----------
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----------====Dreamland ====----------
*Paintball arenas
*Protect your builds
*Hawkeye (We can restore anything that got grifed)
*Skyworld (Ulitmate skyblocks)
*Mega Parkour
*Spleef Arenas
*Vote for diamonds
*Always day in creative world
*Pvp World
*Creative world (Plot free)
*Shops (Iconomy) 
*Ranks (Private, Corporal Sgt e.t.c)
*Jobs (Miner,farmer,hunter e.t.c)
*100 Slots
*Friendly Staff
Dont destroy peoples homes/buildings.
Be nice to all players and respect them. 
If you like the server invite your friends.
Don't build to close to other peoples houses. They might want to expand.
Cut down the whole tree. Flying treetops is a pain that is just unnecessary.
Do NOT argue with admin/mods. You're not the boss!
Do NOT beg for items, TP, etc. If an admin or a moderator wants to help you, he will do so.
No, you can't be OP...
No spamming.
No advertising.
No racist or sexist remarks
Not following and respecting the rules is the best way for you to get kicked/jailed/banned! It is your responsibility as a player to know the rules
Server Adress: Joinhome.synology.me
Dynmap Live: Joinhome.synology.me:8123
Webbpage: swedreamland.enjin.com