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ello, I am the clan leader of EarthForge. I have lead 2 clans, neither of which have succeeded as much as we could have due to inactivity, not obeying higher ranks, and not being organized. I am here to change that. We are a new PvP, raiding, semi-RPG, and awesome faction. 
April 19,2012 We will find a server once we get 5 people


We are dwarfs. We are not human, we are dwarfs. We have taken over earth and disposed of the humans. We are not afraid to conquer once more, we will trick you with our secret tunnels, we will surprise you with our traps leading to your doom, and we will destroy you with our flying axes. If you mess with us, you will regret the minute you come.

1. DON'T attack other members
2. DON'T be annoying
3. Keep swearing to a minimum
4. DON'T sit around doing nothing
5.ALWAYS obey higher ranks
6. DO your job
7. DON'T steal
8. DON'T greif
9. Act maturely
10. Use diamonds and iron only with permission.
11. ONLY build with permission unless you are a builder
12. DON'T ask for higher ranks
13. NEVER leave someone behind

How to join


If you want to join this clan please read the rules, fill out the application, and please use our guild forums I created.


Position you are aiming for:
Do you agree with the rules:
Have you been on the server?:
If not have you applied for it?:
How active will you be?:
Like the name or should we change it?
Time zone:
Have you ever been in a different faction?:
How did you find out about us?:
A little bit about yourself:


EarthForge Tactical Weapons Posse (ETWP)

Guard- Guards the chest room during raids upon order.

Soldier- Beginner soldier, has to get sword skill at 50 for next rank. Gets leather armor

Soldier level 2- Little advanced soldier, needs swords 75 for next rank. Gets best armor 3rd

Soldier level 3- Advanced soldier, needs sword skill 100 for next rank. Gets best armor 2nd

Knight- Has sword skill at 100, gets best armor 1st.

ETWP Leader- The best at PvP, decides who gets best armor.

EarthForge Rapid Support Command (ERSC)

Trap Miner: Makes trap mines outside of the base. They lead to traps made by the Trapper.

Shafter- Mines at Y 12.

Excavator- Digs dirt and gravel when miners need them to.

Miner- Beginner miner, needs mining 50 for next rank

Miner level 2- Little advanced miner, needs 100 for next rank

Miner level 3- Advanced miner, needs 150 for next rank.

Spelunker- Trains and explores mines freely.

ERSC leader- The best at mining, decides who gets best pickaxe.

EarthForge Standby Weapons Column (ESWC)

Scientist- Beginner redstonist, needs to get approval from Leader of ESWC to move on

Mechanic- Makes redstone contraptions

Trapper- Makes traps in trap mines, traps animals and people.

EarthForge Special Duty Posse (ESDP)

Alchemist- Gathers things from the nether

Alchemist level 2- Can only brew potions with permission.

Alchemist level 3- Can brew potion whenever they want to.

Head Alchemist- Orders what potions we need and who should make them. Trains the Alchemist

EarthForge Special Duty Posse (ESDP)

Builder- Only makes buildings with permission

Builder level 2- Has made something pretty good, can only make things with permission

Builder level 3- Can build anything anywhere.

Architect- Designs buildings. gives permission to others.

Head Builder- Helps the architect design buildings, builds the main base with help from anyone else. Can give permission to build things.

EarthForge Standby Equipment Squad (ESES)

Courier- Brings potions, tools, and other things to people at war, mining, or building.

Wheat Farmer- Makes large wheat farms with permission from the builders.

Melon Farmer- Makes large (CORRECT) melon farms with builders permission.

Woodcutter- Cuts wood

Tree Farmer- Replants trees when told.

Tamer- Tames wolves and ocelots, must be responsible and active.

Hunter- Hunts for food for the faction.

Breeder- Breeds all the animals, they are responsible for killing the animals and breeding them.


Signature is coming soon,
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