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Escape From Reality
About EFR
Many of you are probably wondering what EFR is. Well EFR, which stands for Escape From Reality, is a gaming community whose sole purpose is to have fun and make the game an overall enjoyable experience for people of all ages, religion/lack thereof, gender, sexuality, race, species, criminal record, background, occupation, and favorite color preference.
Here's a quick description of EFR from our resident leader MjB:
"I know there are things in your day that you right off. All you want to do is play a simple game. Is a man or a woman not entitled to that? Most servers are in chaos. Griefers are out trying to ruin your game. Admins are running around having power trips, making their own rules. Owners are making unfair restrictions.
At EFR, it is our mission to make sure that the game is as fair as possible for everyone, where the player's opinion is just as important as the position of a Head Admin. If you have a problem, whether it be a suggestion for any of our servers, or a complaint about our group, talk to us! We will do whatever we can to fix it!"
You can find out more about our group at: http://www.realityescaped.com 
EFR Server Information
This is a basic Bukkit Server for the average Minecraft Players who just want to play, have fun, build, surviving and growing as a group. We have friendly Staff who are ready to help when called,we are open to every suggestion you give. If you have a problem let us know what we can do to fix it because we want to make your stay as enjoyable as possible.
Server IP:
Game Version:
Minecraft 1.6.2 Bukkit
Single Processors: Intel Xeon E3-1240 v3
Primary HDD: 120 GB - Solid State Drive
Uplink: 1 Gbps
Bandwidth: 10 TB Bandwidth
RAM: 32 GB
Operating System: Ubuntu 13 (x64)
Core Protect 
Group Manager
No Cheat Plus
Mob Arena
Multi World
Name Tags
Vanish No Packet
World Border
World Edit
World Guard
Chest Shop
EFR Server Rules
Administrators and Moderators reserve the right to banned, kick and warn anyone who breaks any of these rules, without question.
Clients and Accounts:
• Do not use hacked clients or game-enhancing mods. Hacked clients, fly mods, x-ray mods or x-ray texture/resource packs, and other similar game modifications are considered cheating. Any account found to be using these cheats will be banned.
• NOTE: Optifine, MAtmos, Rei's Minimap, and Shaders mods are permitted.
• Each player is allowed one account on the server. Even if you own multiple Minecraft accounts, you may only play on the server with one of them. Multiple accounts will be banned.
Offensive user names and/or character skins are not allowed. If someone could reasonably take offence at your username or skin, it is not allowed on the server.
• Please note that you are responsible for your own account. Make sure your Minecraft account is securely password protected so other people cannot use it without your knowledge. You are responsible for any and all activity that takes place on the server through your account name, no matter who was using the account at the time.
General Conduct:
• Do not grief. "Griefing" means making any changes to someone else's build without their permission. This includes breaking blocks, placing blocks, pouring water or lava on their property, locking their doors/chests, killing their livestock, or anything else that harasses them or damages their belongings. In short: Please don't act like a jerk.
• Build respectfully. This means:
-- Build at a polite distance from other players. This a big server with plenty of room for all to enjoy; please do not crowd other players with your building or mining operations.
-- Do not build offensive, obscene or otherwise inappropriate structures.
-- Please do not build pixel art in World 1. However, you may freely create pixel art in the creative world.
• Do not "pseudo moderate". If you find someone breaking the rules, do not take matters into your own hands. Please refrain from lecturing, threatening, or retaliating against the offender. Instead, contact one of the staff for help. If none are online to assist you, submit a support ticket on the forums.
• Do not ask for a Staff position. We pick Staff based on in-game behavior and actions. How you interact with other players will determine if we consider you as a potential Staff member. If we have determined that you may be fit for a Staff position a vote will be cast between the Current server Staff and the BoD who play on the server, after the vote has been finished if you have been accepted we will contact you via the forums or in-game to advise you of your promotion, if you do not want the position you do not have to take it, so do not feel obligated if we choose you.
• Listen to the staff. The Moderators and Administrators are here to maintain the server and help ensure that it remains a safe and friendly place to be. Your cooperation with them is appreciated; they are there to help you.
In-game chat:
• Do not spam. This includes filling the chat with meaningless text, advertising products/websites/etc., abusing caps lock, or repeating the same line of text over and over again.
Please use English in the global chat. Any other languages may be spoken in private messages.
• Abusive language is strictly prohibited. Verbally harassing or abusing another player for any reason, including gender, race, religion, ability, or sexual orientation, will result in a ban. Chat that is deemed inappropriate by the staff is subject to warning and/or banning.
Be friendly, be respectful, play fairly, and enjoy your self!