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Eithon is a hub server aiming to provide a fun and interesting gameplay experience, no matter what your personal preference is (Survival, Freebuild, Creative Building, Minigames etc). Apart from being a hub server, a lot of focus and effort will be put into the community, creating the best atmosphere possible, which also means you don’t have to be scared to ask a staff member for help when you join the server(they are more than willing to help you out). We have made sure that the user is able to influence what is happening on the server, be it a feature they want added or a staff member they want to report (Let's face it, a lot of servers these days are full with corrupt and rude staff).

A part from all of this we also offer you a lot of custom plugins and thanks to our developer we can also present to you an entirely unique and custom VIP system that works with the new EULA.


Survival/Freebuild - In this world you're free to choose whether to play in survival or in freebuild(no interactions with hostile mobs, damage taken etc.) mode by using one simple command, /freebuild on/off.

Creative Plots - In this world we have creative building in plots with the size of 55x55 blocks, here you can show off your building skills and if you're good enough, get promoted to Builder and get access to the "Builder" world.

Hardcore - Here's something for those of you who are bored of vanilla survival. In our Hardcore world we have the hardest difficulty level on, PvP allowed, raiding allowed and the most important feature; a 72 hour tempban from the Hardcore world if you die.

Builder World - If you are promoted to Builder, you get access to the "Builder" world. This is a creative building plot world where the plots have the size 301x301 and you have access to limited Worldedit.
Nether & End world available and linked to the Survival/Freebuild world.

We also have minigames that you can access through the hub!


New - Default rank.

Member - 2+ hour playtime.

Citizen - 24+ hour playtime.

Veteran - 96+ hour playtime.

Legendary - 1000+ hour playtime.

Builder - Shows good understanding in building.

Trusted - Helping hand in moderating.

Aside from these player ranks we have donor & staff ranks as well! - To read more about the servers features and more info on the ranks (what each ranks get etc) visit us on our website at: http://eithon.net