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Come join us! We are a PVP, Factions, Server with a lot of added features :D We have an economy, and reward players for jobs and killing players/mobs, we have battle arenas, and we use world guard and buyland so we have the ability to sell land to our players :D We also have an autorank plugin that ranks people up based on how long they have been with us :D

Please Join Us!!and if you plan on joining, Please reply below so that more people will see this Server!!!

Owners: GUITARMAN ~Guitar

Snowstar58 ~Snow

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IF you stick with us you will be promoted completely based on time !! We have a plugin that does it automatically!!


Don't Spam

Don't Grief


and Don't Whine When killed Posted Image

For those of you who don't like to fight. don't join a faction, but for those of you that do, join a faction and earn money for killing others!

We have a new shops plugin!Type/shop help for instructions on how to make your own shop, and to buy from other shops.If you right click or left click on the sign that says the players name and shop, it will show you a list of what they are selling.

We are still running factions!Type/F help and you will find the very easy interface for factions.  It will teach you everything you need to know, and admin's will be able to help you with any questions.

We are now running realjobs!Type/job help for information on jobs in the server.  Each job needs to be completed, and once done you will type /job submit and you'll get paid for your work.  You can do a different job every 2 hours.  This will be the main source of income on our server.

We are using BOSEconomy!This means that not only will you be paid for doing jobs but will you do that money?  Well this is where shops will come in.  Not only can you trade simply between players, but you can also buy it from shops like the ones I explained above.  Type/money to see your balance.

We are using PVPcash!This means that you get paid every time you kill someone!  You get 30 bucks and they lose 30 bucks.  Isn't that great?  This promotes PVP in a way that helps everyone.These are only a few reasons to join us, so, check us out!!!!!

Sincerely, Guitar