Empathy 1.7.10 and 1.8 servers (video)
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Come join us on Empathy!

Our 7.1.10 IP is:

Our 1.8 IP is: This is a prep 1.8 server that is vanilla and will merge with the 1.7.10 server once there are plugins available. I might keep a separate vanilla 1.8 server depending on demand. Feel free to join us through either community.

On the 1.7.10: We have spells, prizes set up for voting, and our maps are 100% legit. Easy travel. 4 maps: Survival world Survival, a second survival world Sanctuary ($5000/entry), creative world Plotworld (PlotMe plotsize:100, occasionally gets reset) and hard core, PvP enabled map Hyperion. Of course, maps also have ends and nethers and you can make nether portals. Economy, grief prevention, freedom to /sethome up to 20 places, and responsive and polite staff. Sign warps make travel even easier, and we have other interactive signs as well (to repair, change the weather, heal). We have sanctioned projects that give jobs and our community has a growing number of well-stocked shops and dedicated shopkeepers. You can gamble away your hard earned Essentials economy cash at the slot machines; we also have SalvageSmelter, Scribe, AutoCrafter, DigForDollars, Giants, FishingPlus, MobCatcher, ChestShopLogger, floAuction and more!

I make original minigames; come play and make your own! Check out our YouTube videos for some demos
Be nice, do not annoy others players
Do not grief
Do not use hacks
Do not ask for items, special permissions, or promotion!

Website http://empathyheals.enjin.com/home
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/EmpathyHeals
Twitter https://twitter.com/Empathy_MC
Youtube https://www.youtube.com/user/empathyminecraft
Subreddit https://www.reddit.com/r/empathyheals/
Our latest places video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kng6pWGKruk&list=UUCFZcTr5iqDVludj2NBjgdA

(these have facilitators that GIVE JOBS for in-game money) BELCHES: Better Empathy Landclaims and Historical Evaluation of Structures - help clean up, patch up, and adopt expired and abandoned claims
BEWTI: Better Empathy Wilderness and Terraforming Inter-Worldly - roads, parks, wilderness cleanup, and terraforming
BEST: Better Empathy Shops and Trades - minds shops and trades for large projects, runs shop contests
BEAR: Better Empathy Activities and Rewards - plan official activities and rewards for people who do great things on/for the server

EPIC: Empathy Plugins and IT Concerns - mix up vote rewards, program new casino slot machines, change fishing rewards
BEAM: Better Empathy Art and Marketing - make server art, banners, videos, and help advertise
CUTE: Custom and Uniquely Tailored Enchants - prepare lines of novelty items, provide /give and /spawn commands, maintain warehouse of custom items, and sell them wholesale to projects and shopkeepers.
Sanctioned projects forum: http://empathyheals.enjin.com/forum/m/21228992/viewforum/4956570

Come play!


PS. Owner also knows Romanian :)