Empathy [SMP][Creative] {Plotme} {GriefPrevention} {18+}{1.7.9}{USA}{Romanian}
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Come join us on Empathy!

Our IP is: or s16.hosthorde.com:25745

Our Website

Our YouTube Channel with minigames demonstrations.

We have spells, prizes set up for voting, and our maps are 100% legit.

The server is run by nice, collaborative adults. No factions and no PvP on most worlds except Hyperion and its Nether.

Easy travel, 4 maps:

  • Survival, Normal Difficulty Survival World

  • Sanctuary, a second survival world Sanctuary ($5000/entry),

  • Plotworld, creative world Plotworld (PlotMe plotsize:100, occasionally gets reset)

  • HYPERION, Hard mode PVP map

Of course, maps also have ends and nethers and you can make nether portals. Economy, grief prevention, freedom to /sethome up to 20 places, and responsive and polite staff. Sign warps make travel even easier, and we have other interactive signs as well (to repair, change the weather, heal). Mobs and animals drop money which you can use at shops, and our community has a growing number of well-stocked shops and dedicated shopkeepers (contact them if you want to be a supplier).

You can gamble away your hard earned Essentials economy cash and even own your own slot machine on the server. Players can now propose their own slot machines (what it gives for winnings). We have Blazefly so you can fly and an ever expanding number of original minigames.


  • Be nice, do not annoy others players
  • Do not grief
  • Do not use hacks,
  • Do not ask for items, special permissions, or promotion!

Not recruiting staff.

Come play! - Empathy