Erehwon Resourcepack
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Greetings all.  

Erehwon has been updated to Minecraft 1.8.  Erehwon is a 64x64 1.75 compatable resourcepack with a realistic / modern  style and a theme backstory.

Our homeworld, Albion, is dying. Ten thousand years of civilization has taken its toll. The population soars; resources dwindle; cities spread, sprawl and merge into continent-spanning urban megaplexes. Our biosphere balances dangerously on the edge of collapse.

We have had spaceflight for nearly a century, but the only other world in our system -- Albion's moon, Erehwon -- is a place incapable of supporting life. More correctly, it used to be incapable of supporting life, until a massive, 50-year terraforming operation by Albion Commercial and Manufacturing Enterprises transformed Erehwon into paradise.

As one of the privileged members of the first wave of colonists, you have a new world and endless possibilities at your feet. Unfortunately, however, there are a few things ACME failed to mention in its promotional material. For example, things like a hostile alien presence, relentless cyber attacks on the colony AI , rogue drones and corrupted robots hunting colonists and an unknown neuro-toxin that kills a quarter of its victims and turns the rest into homicidal maniacs. I'm sure they meant to get around to letting people know; after all, global megacorporations are known for their sense of public responsibility and accountability, right?

Regardless, in the few weeks since your arrival, the colony's infrastructure collapsed, communications failed and armies of killer machines and crazed plague victims roam at will. Erehwon is now cut off, under strict quarantine.

You're on your own, with little more than the clothes on your back. What do you do now?

Well, no one ever said settling a new world would be easy.

Except ACME, that is. Jerks


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