ExtremeMc.net Minecraft server!
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Hello, the new ExtremeMc minecraft server is back and better then ever!. the server has just be repaired and back up and running 24/7! if u would like to join the server's ip is: Extrememc.net. If you think you are Extreme enough

Servers we provide Are as Folowed
SkyBlock: A game mode where you have to survive in the sky. You start with the pre placed items in your chest. The aim of the game is to survive but to build a way of living on your supply of limited resources.
Parkour : Self explamatory jump from block to block till you reach the end.
Towney : Make a town, Join a town it is entirely up to you.The goal of towney is to own the most successful town and have the money to improve. It also includes jobs such as miners get money from mining blocks Ect
Prison/hunger games : but has not been decided yet

Owner : oRiskaa
Admin : KingJackThefirst
Modorater : jumpstart123