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Factions: Never before seen Custom plugins, Minegusta offers a wide variety of plugins to give players a feeling of elation as they play. These plugins allow players to have an edge at the game giving a RPG feel.
Such plugins include: Races, Gods and many more!

Races: Aurora, Elf, Dwarf, Vampire, Werewolf, Demon, Angel, and Human

Such races are:

Aurora: Auroras are a race that deals with the Icy forces the world can offer. Auroras' can summon the water to aid them in combat. They are mostly found in Ice Biomes and can barely stand Hot biomes such as the Deserts and Hell. Some of the Auroras' abilities include swimming really fast in the water and freezing the ground giving them the upper chance. By using these abilities, Auroras' can turn the tide of battle in their favor whether it be Offensive or Defensive. Careful where you step, you might just slip.

Demon: Demons are a race of Vigor and fire that deals with the Nether and the fiery forces the world and Nether has to offer. They are mostly found bathing in Lava in the Nether. Cannot stand Cold Biomes such as Taiga, And Snow plains. Demons have hellish abilities to aid them in combat, Such abilities are Hell Rift and Meteor Storm. By using these abilities in battle, Demons are able to obtain the upper hand when all seems lost. Demons are also able to have help from the native mobs of the Nether, Careful what you do.

Elf: Elves are masters of the bow and deal with the earthly forces that are granted unto them by the World. Elves can befriend animals and grow crops with their hands. Elves are weak to fire and die quickly. Elves are also really useful when it comes to growing large gardens. They are vicious in battle and serve as an opposing force in groups. Their weapon is mainly a bow. Careful, Their arrows are pointy sharp!

Vampire: Vampires are a race that deal with Dark Powers, Their abilities derive off of their "Blood Bar" and can be devastating. Such Abilities include Blink and Bat Shield. By using blink, Vampires are able to turn into a Swarm of bats to get away from Combat quickly and easily. By using Bat shield, However, Vampires are able to summon "Bats" to protect them from damage. During the day, Vampires aren't a threat, During the night, Careful where you go. You might just get bitten.

Angel: Angels are a race of Valor and light. An Angels power derives from their vigilance and Integrity in battle. Angels have such abilities such as Glide, and Justice. By using the Passive ability, Glide, Angels can descend from high heights and land safely. However, By using Justice, Angels unlike their unholy counterpart, Demon, pounce up into the sky damaging anything near it. Be it Human or Devil or any race. Angels can be found at extreme heights. They are strongest in the sky rather than below in the Nether.

Werewolf:Werewolves are a race of the wild animal, The Wolf. Capable of Transforming at night, Werewolves are a race that deal with the summoning of a pack to aid them in combat. Werewolves are strongest during the Full Moon and should use their only valuable weapon any beast or creature has, Their Claws, Be it by nature and or by instinct, Werewolves can inflict damage beyond belief with their claws. Werewolves also are weak against Gold and armor is practically useless to them. Careful during the night when the wolves Bay at the Full Moon.

Dwarf:Dwarves are a proud race of the Underground Mines. Given they are great miners, They are also deadly with the Axe. Able to create large earthquakes and call upon a Spiritual axe to aid them in combat, Dwarves are Deadly in the field of battle and can turn the tide of battle in their favor. With their mighty axe, Dwarves are able to hit with an A.O.E Great against creatures of the Overworld and players.

Enderborn:Enderborns are a race that Deals with Darkness. They are from The End and are very stealthy in Dark areas. Although, mysterious in Nature, An Enderborn has "Claws" That allow them to bleed out their opponent. Also, They are able to eat raw meat to regenerate health quickly. In Darkness, they are most powerful and can either sneak by enemies quietly and quickly, Or gain the upper hand and attack first without the enemy knowing. Careful where you tread, Enderborns are very sneaky.

Human:Nothing special about Humans, They are the starter race and are typically the run of the mill.
Minegusta Offers three gods that are in tune with the races. Such gods are Silas, Phenax, and Talos. By building altars to the Gods, Players are able to pray every hour and receive items based on the Gods power amongst the other two. The higher the power of the God, The more likely you are to receive items.

Phenax: Phenax is the God of Evil. His rule stretches over the Dark races such as Vampire, Demon, Enderborn, And Werewolf. His rule is ruled with Hatred and Evil.
His Enemy is that of Silas, Phenax absolutely despises the followers of Silas.

Silas: Silas is the God of All that is Good. His rule stretches over the Peaceful races such as Dwarf, Aurora, Elf, Angel. His rule is absolute and rules with all Goodness.
His enemy is that of Phenax, Due to Silas' uncanny obsession for Evil to be purged from the land, Silas feels threatened in the presence of Enemy Followers, Due to this, Silas despises Phenax and his followers.

Talos: Talos is the neutral God, His rule stretches over Humans, Talos has no enemies. Be like Talos.
Wasteland:Wasteland, Custom coded, Wasteland Offers a challenge of survival to those who wish to battle the hordes of the undead. Ridden of the Human race, Only Zombies remain. Zombies lurk around every corner you go, If you run, they run. If you walk, they walk. Not to mention, Every chest you find is special. Certain items can grabbed from these chests. Fight to the Death of the Endless horde. Watch your head though. Their seems to be a Rotting Hunger.
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Freebuild:Freebuild is offered to players to have a plot, Plots are 75x75 and are able to expand. With this plot, Players can build amazing structures and have a chance of earning a Builder rank with WorldEdit. As an Added bonus, You can receive another builder rank which progresses onward. Have fun Building!
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