GAMAI.RU business in United States. SEO specialist is needed.
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Hello, colleagues.

Gamai.Ru biggest and most profitable minecraft server complex in Russia is searching SEO partner to start joint business in United States.

I am the owner of Gamai.Ru Russian minecraft server complex. I'm interested in expansion to English-speaking players auditorу. I have profitable donation polices and technologies. profit raiting. №10 Gamai.Ru. Minecraft top Russian servers raiting. №4 Gamai.Ru. First 3 positions are winded.

* Gamai.Ru founded in early 2012;
* Out of wipes technology authenticated by time;
* Own hardware servers i7 3930k @ overclocked 4300mhz, 64 Gb DDR 1600mhz 10-10-10-27, SSD, RAMdisk, HDD backups;
* 24h performance 19.5-20 TPS on every 150 slots server. 4 servers * 150 slots = 600 slots on every server machine;
* Real 1 Gbps internet channel in Moscow datacentre. Thw owner of the data center is my friend. He is the owner of internet provider MK-NET;
* Miktorik hardware firewall on Core i5;
* Own website server on FreeBSD. Now Gamai.Ru has 15000+ unique visitors every day. Joomla. i7 2600k 32Gb DDR3;
* 1250 / 1850 slots on total servers are using in day time. Now is summer - fall time attendance;
* Our playes are extremely pleased. All of them. Barbarians (no privileges), Citizens, VIPs, Premium;
* I am 25 old. I have degree of Master of Economics. Moscow Plekhanov Academy of Economics. I have 5 years business experience.

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If you are great specialist in Search Engine Optimizations. Please contact me.

My responsibilities:
AntiDDoS, Firewall, Servers administration, DataCentre, All Minecraft technologies, Donation polices, Payd  and not payd Moderators.

Your responsibilities:
SEO, Advertising, Increase website traffic, WebSite administration, WebSite building (we can use my website, but translating it to English is needed), 50/50 Language translation (my English is not fine).
ICQ 883305.