GamersPlatoon Minecraft Servers for Clans
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Dear Minecraft Clans/Communities,
GamersPlatoon Organization is a non-profit international online gaming organization. We have both competitive and casual clans/communities within our organization. We also have a pool of clan-less members that enjoy being part of our community without being tied to a clan.
We are currently sponsoring Minecraft Clans that have 15+ active members with a 32 slot server in the region of their choice. You will be given your own Teamspeak channel in our server with full admin rights and the permission to create as many sub-channels as you like. The MC server will be treated as your own and you will also have full admin rights to control it. Your clan name can even be included in the description of the server. We also have dedicated Minecraft Forums along with GamersPlatoon Minecraft Management positions that are currently available. Please apply within.
Aside from the above, there are many other benefits to be reaped in GamersPlatoon Organization. For more information please jump onto our TS and look for myself (Qtr_Cask) or Kinghunt. You are more than welcome to register on the website and PM us if you prefer.
We look forward to hearing from you!
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GamersPlatoon Organization