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Hello everyone, and welcome to the World of Minecraft page for the Gladcraft server! I recently found this community, and I figure that some of you may be interested in the server. Continue reading for info. The IP is "".

Gladcraft is a survival server with custom features I have created myself that enhance the survival experience. From a quest for fire magic to special skills, tools, and abilities, Gladcraft is a very unique and growing project meant to be like no Minecraft server ever made before.

Basic Plugins

Essentials, for, you know, the essentials
Multiverse, for multiple world management
PermissionsEx for perms management

Custom* Features

- Gravestones, which spawns a gravestone containing your items dropped on death and allows you to teleport to it via /deathtp
- Chest protection that does not use bulky signs
- Chunk claims to prevent griefing
- Dueling, which restricts PvP to being initiated by commands
- Fire Magic, a huge feature on Gladcraft which must be acquired through a special quest NPCs spawned using the Citizens plugin that players can communicate with via dialogue windows in chat
- Traders in towns that both buy and sell items for gold coins
- Banks (also in towns) where gold coins can be stored
- Stalls in towns that can be rented by players to sell and buy items
- Hammers and sickles, tools to make stone mining and crop farming easier
- Special abilities for swords, bows, and axes
- Mining and Strength skills
- Time ranks for 24, 72, 120, and 240 hours spent online with perks like extra sethomes (default is 3 for starter rank)
- Kingdoms
- Kingdoms is a huge part of Gladcraft. It is a unique feature that functions like Towny in some ways, Factions in other ways.
- Players can join kingdoms that are run by other players in the community.
- Kingdoms can protect chunks, create cities, and spawn in useful structures.
- In the future, war will be able to be waged between rivaling kingdoms.
- A ton of other random features, such as XP storage bottles, glitchy chairs, backpacks, burrower hearts, strange/powerful custom mobs, a command to ruin your spelling ability, a new redstone device, and much more.

*All of the above custom plugins were created using the language offered by the amazing Skript plugin

Server Rules

1. No griefing or raiding.
2. No stealing - do not attempt to bypass chest protection.
3. No pvp besides duels - if you want to fight another player, type /duel [player] and wait for them to accept the duel request. Do not bypass.
4. Keep language classy - Cussing is not outright banned, but please keep it PG-13. Censors turn off at 10:30 pm EST.
5. No abusing other players - With the above said, ANY language abusing another player and/or violating their privacy is not tolerated. Please be nice and considerate :)
6. No AFK machines - due to the server's rank system being based on time spent online, AFK pools and any other device designed to allow users to be AFK for longer than the allowed time are strictly banned. Staff on the server have full authority to dismantle such machines. This is necessary to make ranks awards of commitment.
7. No usage of mods that count as "hacks" - x-ray, flying, aimbot, anything that gives you an unfair advantage over other players.
8. No glitch abuse - reporting it would be much appreciated :)

Rules are enforced by myself and the six other staff members on the server. There are currently two moderators and four minimoderators (MiniMods).

Gladcraft is constantly changing, and there are plenty of things that need improving. Please be patient as I slowly add more to the server. On the other hand, if you have any suggestions or concerns, don't hesitate to let me know! I will happily receive feedback :)

Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you on Gladcraft!

Gladrian, Administrator and Owner of Gladcraft