Govindas Limework - family friendly high quality and unique content server.
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Govindas Limework is a family friendly server with a lot of possibilities of fun - there's even 15 gamemodes and counting!
We focus on friendly community and unique & professional server content, there are updates happening daily and players are part of the server development with their ideas! Our server is in never-ending development and is always improving!

You can find multiple minigames and permanent games such as: Friendly Survival, Old-school Survival, The Mining Camp, Creative World, Parkour and more! Many different type of players can fit in our server and find what they like, you just need to try the gamemodes! Our server's minigames are made to fit from low to high player counts, you can start games with as low as only 2 players up to 24 players in some games, if there are not many players online at your timezone - no problem!

Server IP: GMN.US.TO
Version: from 1.8 to 1.12.2

I hope you will enjoy our server!