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New Server is Running And Open.
The server has Finally finished with the devolopment stage, and you won't believe some of the improvements we've Made! Let the list begin!
Completely New City System!
No Longer do you have to wait hours for Eman To Un-Afk, or for grizly to log on. Now the city plot system is player controlled! You pick when you get your plot! And, with one of the the the new systems (That's right, one of), Plot sizes can actually vary now! No more chunk limitations, no more wasted space! Not only that, but we actually are using separate city systems:
      Eco City.
      Cities Based on, you guessed it, Economy!
      Not Chunk Depended! This means small plots to big plots!
      Plot Price is Based on size.
      Prime enviornment for Shops/resturaunts, etc
      Eco City plots are private.
      Pay taxes and rent to maintain your home!
     Faction City
     Cities based completely in Faction claiming!
     You find it, you claim it!
     Pvp Disabled in faction city streets.
     Plots don't cost money! They Only cost Faction Power!
     Great location to set up shop!
     Plus, we also have towns! 
     Towns are basicly cities, but much smaller, 
     less plots available per town, and generally cheaper.
     Great place to gather and play with friends.
     Use shops to build small, independent economies within towns.
     Server Is harder
     Mob spawn rate is High.
     Difficulty is hard
     Night time is once again, not a ime to go out.
     Server shops will be overpriced, On purpose.
     Any Server shops that have [Sell] Signs will be underpriced.
    -The reason for prices is to encourage players to trade amonsgt eachother, and establish a real Economy. 
     Server shops are for Start up only. They are not meant for late game use.
     Website Improvements!
      Stats have been added to the website! 
        -Nearly Everything a player
         does is tracked and recorded. 
         Now you can know how far you walk,
        -How much you build, and even how many 
         of each type of mob you
         have killed! 
      DynaMap! What the heck is that?
        -Dynamap is basicly Google maps for the server! Get a live
         View of all the worlds! Players included!