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What is Halcyon?

~ Halcyon is an elite Minecraft clan that recruits promising mature people into a promising clan. We recruit exclusively, and only accept those who show great potential.

~ Instead of using generic jobs, we divide our people into Work Unions; which people may choose to join according to their skills and preferences.

~ We do a variety of things, including raiding, building, and helping our great allies on many servers.

~ We have our own forums with an actual domain.

Work Unions

What is a Work Union?

Work Unions are the way we divide the many people of our clan. Builders, fighters, or resource collectors, they are all necessary to our clan. Read over, and choose which one you want to be a part of!

~ UCW (Union of Collaborative Workers), led by SoCalbias

The Union of Collaborative Workers are the workforce responsible for the
collection of goods, including farming, mining, woodcutting, and
various other tasks. They collect items necessary for the CEC's Projects
and the HDA's troops. They also work on obtaining general clan
necessities such as food, stone, and wood. They organize the resources
and distribute them to the groups that require them. Specifically,
members of the UCW must be hardworking as they are the backbone to
Halcyon. There are no specific skills required in joining the UCW.

~ IDA (International Defense Agency), currently without leadership

The International Defense Agency's responsibility is to defend our lands
from attackers, as well as launch invasions, raids, and assaults on
enemy factions. They also work on pinpointing weak points in our bases,
and informing the CEC of possible security threats. They are equipped
with Halcyon's advanced array of armaments. They are led by General
Adasia who has a tendency to kill random people on sight. The
requirements to be in the IDA are a general knowledge and skill of being
able to fight against other people. There is a test you must take to
become a full member of the IDA, if you fail, you will be an initiate
and after potential has been realized you will become a full member.

~ EDA (Engineering and Development Agency), led by Luketopian

The Engineering and Developmen agency is a group of architects,
builders, and a place for those interested in the fields of development
and expansion to enlighten themselves further. If you want to join the
EDA, you must have some experience in engineering with redstone,
creativity with building structures, or the ability to learn from our
experienced members of the EDA. The Director, Luketopian, is renowned in
Halcyon for being a long-time engineer and expert Manager of
Development. There is a test that must be taken that will assign you to a
specific division of the EDA.

~ HIN (Halcyon Intelligence Nexus), led by Ritzycat

The Halcyon Intelligence Nexus is the secretive force of Halcyon. They
are responsible for obtaining intelligence from other nations, as well
as deploying secret police and manipulation of other groups for personal
gain. They are hand-picked and personally selected by its Director
Ritzycat. One may not apply to be a part of the HIN. After an individual
was chosen, they are allowed to be a part of the HIN and their main
workforce. Members of the HIN are hidden to everyone except Halcyon's 4

You may only join One Work Union. You may not apply for the HIN, as each member is individually selected after showing promise within the clan and general knowledge of the way Halcyon works. Choosing to be in a Work Union only shows a specific area of work. This means that if you are in the UCW, you will do mainly tasks for the UCW, but may be asked to do things for the other work unions if the situation calls for it.

Our Server

IP: mc-monolith.com

TS3 Server: zbit.nwdigits.com


Chairman Ritzycat

Chairman SoCalbias







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