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[IP] HAVENMC.COM [website] news.HAVENMC.com

Haven has no whitelist so come experience what so many others already love! Haven rewards hardwork and lets you choose your path to adventure.

Multiple paths

Grief protection while part of a Town PvP protection while in a Town (or make your town a PvP arena!) Ability to create Nations and Tax other towns A vibrant diverse economy shop system for Towns Dungeons with hourly reward chests Treasure Hunting with massive rewards Monthly Building contests Spleef and Cloudrace events Many events at our event hub to try Monster Hunting Arena

Live the way you wish!

Hard work is the road to glory here. This is a survival server. Everyone has the ability to protect themselves and their property by creating or joining a Town. But the strongest players create Towns and Nations, recruit new members and have a thriving community of thier own!

Social aspects are easy to find in Haven. Players may create towns and invite friends. Expand these towns and create shops or event areas. Trade with other players and towns. Become a Nation that influences other towns. Create a strong economy to support your residents or charge tax's on players in your town. Haven strives to create an experience enjoyable to any social player but not force the lone wolves to join in for protection.

Grief & PvP Protection are easily available using our advanced town system. You may protect everything you build and be safe from pvp be either creating your own town are joining one that provides it. However if you would rather walk on the risky side you could be a town that has pvp enabled, arena area's or entice people to infilitrate your area and then punish them for trespassing!

Get promoted as all our current staff have been players. A solid core value system is in place to learn from our forums and those people who strive to embody it get promoted to be examples for the community. Copy and paste the info at the top of this post to be ranked up in game!

Your adventure begins!

Administration: We were one of the first 20 servers to upgrade to 1.1, one of the first 30 servers on 1.2.4 and had 1.2.5 available on release. We have a dedicated, resourceful and professional staff to provide the best foundation a server can offer. No whitelist, nothing to lose, try us - today!

Town System Player Shops Mob Arena Level player skills Chest Protection Grief Protection PvP Warhub events Building Contests Treasure Hunting Lifts, Gates, Bridges Dungeons with Reward Chests GM Events

*shoutout @Acrobot, @Notaround who created custom plugins just for us!

This is a server that does not tolerate spamming chat with swearing and caps. No Xray - you will be banned for this. No spam, racism, sexism or derogatory remarks. Harassment is not tolerated.

Thank you to our many donators! Donate Now Benefits!

Full Rules and Guides [website] www.HAVENmc.com [IP] HavenMC.com