HAVEN [1.7.9] Skyblock Server, Planets, MCMMO, PVP, SPLEEF
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Haven Downtown - A Haven server

Welcome to Haven, a group of servers dedicated to expanding the borders of the minecraft experience.

Our specialization:

We love Skyblock, and took our shared experience to our own servers to make it even more fun, and way better!
So first thing we did was remove the bucket and made the island in a way that everything you need is available to you.

We added 4 planets (which represent 2 factions, Sun and Moon) You won't encounter anything specific about those guys just building your island, but they do give awesome events.
And Suntraders are merchants on skyblock!

Then we decided that it was time to add the rest to it as well.
So we added a Nether with Nether Islands!
Carefully designed so you will have you own island, but can get to others! There is no protection there, just tons and tons of enemies.

In the greatest secret we are even working on an exciting end island world, but that is for future reference.

Here is a little tutorial to get you started without getting confused or making horrible mistakes:

Now you got a little peek into our minds, you can only imagine how our crazy awesome PVP looks like.

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Post ur IGN and your choice! and the world you want it on And I will give it as soon as I or any of my helpers is on.

So post:
Weapon nr:
World: (Skyblock or Survival only)

You will also get the skyworld rank: Deckhand!  and Survival rank: Privileged both with kit and /hat command!

Additional information
Further things you will find:
- MobArena's (On Skyblock and Survival)
- Splegg Arena
- Rent or buy your own market or house on the spawn area!
- Basic Survival world with protection stones and MCMMO
- MCMMO also works on Skyblock!

Now we do have ranks for sale, but no fear! every weekend we unlock ranks for free that you can normally only buy for money!
The only key = You need previous ranks to obtain higher ranks! so make sure you keep your eyes peeled on the next rank opening!

BETA Note:
Do note, this server will be in BETA stages for two more weeks, this also comes with exciting prices for those who stuck around during that time.
We need you! to test our server, and weed out the last bugs!

1) Don't ask for stuff, we give a lot of parties, dropparties and rankunlocks whenever we want, we don't give on demand
2) Don't use hacks, ANY form of hacking we will instantly respond with the BannHammer!

To celebrate FIFA World Championship 2014 you can now get customized soccer sets for free from the store!
Choose 1 country to support with your suit!

The Netherlands










More countries will be added on demand. As long as they are qualified for the FIFA World Cup 2014!
It comes with a soccer ball as well!