Hey there, I'm Warrenaterz!
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My name is Reece, I'm from Sheffield in the UK and of 18 years of age. Online I go by the acronym 'Warrenaterz'. I make lots of YouTube videos in any spare time I get, mostly concerning Minecraft, and also code server plugins in Java. In this September I'm going to be starting to study a foundation degree in games design, in the hope of becoming an independent game developer.

Also I'm the main server admin of a server called Gargamerz, along with two other staff Elzibobz and ABgecko. If you get any time, please feel free to join our server as we are a kind and friendly bunch! We have lots to keep people happy on our server including Survival with villages and quests, kit PVP in our own arena, and custom mini-games including Laser Tag, and Forever Dark (a zombie survival mini-game), all linked together by an economy. We use Spigot for our server and it has 32 player slots.

Server IP: mc.gargamerz.com