How Epic Are Your Building Skills?
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Hey There.

I Am WarLordK Of The ExploationOne Staff,

We Are Currently Working Hourlesly On Our First Server.

We Have Come To Quite A Stand Still In Building.

Seeing As I Am Busy With All Outside-Server Stuff,

And My Second In Charge Is Busy With School, We Are Quite Short Handed.

We Do Have A Few More Staff Members, But They Are Applied To Different Roles.

So With That Being Said, We Are On The Hunt For Three(3), More Builders.

​It is A Bukkit Server, And You Will Have Access To World Edit.

We Also Have Voxel, And If Your Project Requires Another Plugin.

All You Have To Do Is Ask! :)

If You Are Interested, And Think You Have What It Takes, Please Go Register At Our Site.

Then Fill Out The Build Team Application:


Thank You!