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Welcome to the opurtunity of a life time!!!  

Here at Subplex we are not just your average server, and not like those servers claiming to be "Not to be your average server!". We are set out to build a community that not only plays Minecraft but other games outside of Minecraft too! We are a group of friends that all met on a factions server and we built our selves a little community. Trying not to be selfish we would like to open up our little Family to you by helping you find other players and like minded folk on our Server. Now lets actually see what our server has to offer!

Server Features:

1) No Lag

As we all know most big servers have some sort of lag and we have set out to give you the best experience possible! We have spent good money on a quality dedicated server that has little to no lag and we are willing to expand to multiple servers if neccessary(But thats later down the road).

2) Factions

We have aquality Factions server With a tiny community Ready to Grow!!! This Faction Server is ran by exsperienced Individuals that know what makes Factions good. there is also a great staff that is egar to join or help you out if your new!

3) Paintball/Minigames

Here at subplex we are currently working on custom Minigames that are going to be unique to our server but they are currently still being developed so while you wait we have added Paintball for you MiniGame Junkies ;)

4) Cannon Test Server

While Many People outside the Faction Community don't know what cannoning is, But you would like to find out then we have tutorials for you. These tutorials teach you what a Cannon is what types there are, how to build base deffences and finally how to use your cannon. there is also plots just for you to build and test it. we also give you special walls to practice on.

5) UHC 

For You UHC fans we host UHC games regularly and if you don't know what UHC then Come stop by and check it out! We host 60-80 Player UHCs with mulitiple game types like teams, FFA, ect.

6) Active Staff 

Our Staff is here ready to help you make your exsperience better! we listen to all your suggestions whether they are in-game or on our forums! We are here to build a community on this server and having a great staff is part of it. there is also openings if you would like to apply currently looking to fill our build team but maybe a couple helpers too.


Want to see our video you can check it out here:


Just remember we want to build a community not just another server so if you would like the join please stick around for a couple of days and give it a chance ;)