HungerCraft [HungerGame] [1.11.2]
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HungerCraft want to offer an unique gaming experience. To do so, we took what we believe is the best from 3 majors games genre. Each and every inspiration was adapted and ajusted to the best of our capability to give you a fun and coherent game.

HungerCraft take inspirations from "King of the Hill" survival games. The ultimate goal is to be the last man standing. Recents games of this categorie are H1Z1 and PLAYERUNKNOWNBATTLEGROUND.
From theses games we take :
- A vast game zone, becoming smaller and smaller as the time goes on.
- A maximum game time of 30 minutes, giving great rythm and very few - if any - down time.
- Around 350 emplacements of random loot, some well hidden.
- Perma-Death (With spectating possibility once dead to see the game till the end)

Next, HungerCraft take inspirations from the MOBA genre, with knowned games like LoL, Dota2 or SMITE. from MOBA we take:
- A hero to choose and play during the whole round. Each hero have 1 passive and 1 active unique skill.
- Mighty creatures with powerfull loot giving strong combat advantage, only if you can slay them.

Finaly, HungerCraft use Minecraft as his game-engine and retain a big part of what make this particular game so attractive :
- A huge and beautiful Med/fan map. Hand made from top to bottom.
- 100% destructible terrain
- The new minecraft combat system, the one that started in 1.9. More precise, more strategic and more accessible than his old counterpart.

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