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What Is InfiniCraft?

InfiniCraft is a brand new small Minecraft server owned by Georgeeeee (Myself).

The original idea was to be a small whitelisted server but with further thought it has changed to a semi-vanilla server.

We have installed a set of plugins to make your experience on the server more fun and secure. These plugins enable us to do some of the following which are listed below.

- Private Chests

- Private Doors

- Private Signs

- Protected Areas

- Rollback Griefing Instantly

- Invisible Moderating

- Reward Voting

What Is Meant by Semi Vanilla?

The Term Semi Vanilla refers to the fact that our Sever is not decked out on Plugins but has a few Installed just to enhance your experience while on the Server without any Major In-game Modifications.

What Makes Your Server Unique?

What makes our Server Unique is the fact of which we are not as Completely decked out on Plugins and Modifications but it still has a nice and sleek flow to the game, something of which will not bore you for a long time!