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Check out our official trailer!
Looking for something completely unique in Minecraft? Something which has never been done before? A game with endless possiblities, adventure and zombies?
You've found it. 
Forget all the other servers which promise new things, and never live up to their expectations. We have it all, and more.
Infinite Apocalypse is a completely unique, one of a kind zombie survival server, in which you can attempt to survive an onslaught of zombies or play through detailed quests and storylines. Throughout, you will be able to compete with players from around the world to see how you stack up in total kills, survival times and points gained. It's endless fun for absolutely anyone, whether you like detailed storylines or mass zombie slaughter!
That's not all though, all of our Infinite Apocalypse content is hand crafted by the world best at a brand new Minecraft network, MinePhoenix. MinePhoenix is based upon creating the perfect place for anyone to find the ideal server for them, and provides servers under the MinePhoenix network with connections to the world's leading YouTubers, web designers and promoters. Best of all, MinePhoenix is free to join for any Minecraft server and can apply today to get all of this for free!
Infinite Apocalypse is scheduled to be released in June! To celebrate, we're giving away free donor ranks to anyone who signs up on the website and posts on this thread. Our donors will have the opportunity to play with a Youtuber and other donors in an exclusive pre-release game:
If you don't fancy trying your luck, we're also reducing all our donor ranks by 50% until three days after the release of Infinite Apocalypse! Make sure to buy now and guarentee yourself a slot in the pre-release game!
What are you waiting for? We don't want to hold you all day, you have zombies to prepare for!