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KayuziRaid Minecraft Server. Supports 1.8.x - 1.9.x. Drop Party At 25 Players. Let you friends know. Custom Enchants Is in the server but it still being worked on. Hope You Enjoy the server, a vote would be greatly appreciated. Also let your friends know. Any bugs glitches let me know I'll try my best to fix it. Our server IP is DROP PARTY AT 25 PLAYERS !! Let Your Friends Know !! I am looking for a graphics designer. I will not be paying you this is volunteer work, I forming a team for the near future, for a a Minecraft Network Server you can join us. For now I working on a Factions server it is Completed, but I am just missing Icons/banner. If you want more details/info please contact me at my skype : So if you are interested in joining us.Please fill up the form below. Thanks! Form Name (Optional can me your GT): Age: Will you want to join my team? Experiences: Are you experienced on doing Animated Graphics(GIF) Portfolio:(Put Your Portfolio links to media/pictures YT etc)