Knights Of Aether
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Hello i am Kieran and i shall be representing Knights of Aether on Minecraft.

We are a clan with around 200 members but that is not on minecraft but on Runescape. i am going to start the clan here on Minecraft as the leader and if you would like to join please leave a message here and i will tell you what server to go to via private message. Also i am looking for a co-owner i would like someone mature and with some expierience. i am also looking for faction leaders (mods) and you can apply here aswell :) please if you join Enjoy the experience Our website (Under construction)

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Application form:

Tell me about yourself:
Why do you want to join?:
What can you provide to KoA?:
Is there any position you would like to be in KoA?:


1. Respect other clan mates and allys and respect higher ranks. Punishment: Warning
2. When we have a server Do NOT Grief anyone elses belongings only the enemies. Punishment: Ban
3. When you are told to do something by a higher rank you do it. Punishment: Warning
4. you may swear on the server but not on here and if you do decide to swear keep it to a minimum. Punishment: Warning/Temp ban

Members list:

Owner: KnightXavier (koa_kieran)
Co-Owner(s): FacelessStone