Legion Of The Eagle {LOTE}
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Welcome To the home

This clan is a pvp/raiding clan. We have just
started out this clan. So don't think that if you join that you will not
get free stuff in a faction server. This clan is owned and was founded
by mkhiggins22.


Fallow what you are told unless you think that you have a better idea
but if you dont get 51% or more people to say yes then you have to
fallow it or if it is not your officer.

2. Do not kill or steal or bug the hell out of your fellow mebers.

3. Do not beg for a rank up or it might take longer for you to get it

4. Don't start flame wars with other clans and don't even start any war. (Ask me if you want to)

5. Good you are reading the rules this is not a
rule but put something about loving eagles in your "why you want to
join" or you cant get in

6. Do not use your higher rank to boss around lower ranked people to do your work

7. Do not Harass you fellow team mates and no Racism

8. Do not start faction wars when we are on servers


This is only IF you do not fallow a rule

Rule 1. De-rank or kick from clan

Rule 2. De-rank or kick from clan

Rule 3. Longer ranking time

Rule 4. Banned from the faction no way back in

Rule 5. You should know what happens

Rule 6. De-rank

Rule 7. Kick from the clan or banned

Rule 8. De-rank

Ranks & Grouping

Frount line-

Rank 1. Footmen, the noive of this class is not in charge of anyone

Rank 2. Warrior, they are incharge of 2 Footmen of thier choose (Pick wisly you only get to pick 2)

Rank 3. Knight, They are the heavy armored and
they are alowed to give orders to 4 Warriors or there 2 Footmen that the
warrior is in charge of.

Rank 4. Noble, They are the strongest of the
Frount line with enchanted gear They are alowed to order 4 Knights or
their 4 warriors and their 2 footmen


Rank 1. Tinker, they are alowed small recores of redstone and can only set up small traps and other redstone devices

Rank 2. Snapper, they are alowed large amounts of
redstone for tnt cannons traps and other devices and are alowed to
command 2 tinkers.

Rank 3. Master Snapper, They are alowed all the
redstone they want to use for anything but they only allowed to make
large devices and trap and tnt cannons alowed to cammand 2 snappers or
there 2 tinkers


Rank 1. Civilian, are allowed to make a small home and farms.

Rank 2. Builder, are allowed to make larger homes and farms

Rank 3. Contractor, are allowed to make massive
buildings and farms and can put notices that are aproved by me to tare
down a building, the person has 1 day before it gets torn down so make
sure to get items out.


Rank 1. Noble, this rank can be giving to any
class if they show lots of skill or you can get it from the frount line
group, they are allowed to give orders to others.

Rank 2. Lord, They  are in charge of every group and the Noble rank, they are the hardest rank to get

Rank 3, King, Almost imposible to get they are in charge of the whole clan and every rank and group.

(I am a king and i will only alow 1 other but like i said almost imposible)

How to join



Why do you want to join LOTE?:

How long have you played minecraft?:

What Group are you going to start out in?:

What Rank and or Group you are planning to get?:

SkypeName (Don't have to but it will help alot):

What other clans are you in?:

How active are you?:

Are you kind?:

Bio (leave blank if you want):


King mkhiggins22

Lord Ralph_Arwen

(Will be updated every now and then)


Hope to see you out there