Looking for PvP'ers accustomed to MCMMO!
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I'm AnInsanePsycho, but I'd rather you just refer to me as Insane, and I play a Roleplay/PvP server, I'm not really in to the whole roleplay thing but whatever, that's some peoples thing. It normally has about 150-300 people online (I think it has like 5,000 active players, but don't quote me on that) I am an officer in a Mercenary faction called Zecfaria, we have a tonne of stuff and access to multiple 300x300x4 darkrooms, it's hard to find people interested in PvP with decent stats that don't already have commitments to a faction, We have 6 people in our faction and 1 who comes and goes, but is a friend of ours. I thought, if I can't find anyone who is semi-Decent+ good at PvP and not already doing their own thing in game, I could just hop on here and make a forum post (Surely some PvP'ers out there are looking for a like-minded group of people?)

So yeah, I'm looking for people who are mature (I don't care if you're like 12, as long as you can be mature and are committed, speak to me), Can use team speak PREFERABLY, I'm not going to turn you down if you're some PvP god but don't use team speak, it's just helpful to be able to talk on raids. Can put time in to grinding MCMMO, yes it's boring, yes it takes a long time, no it's not a walk in the park, but it's god damn important, I'm not suggesting that anyone comes on here and spends 15 hours grinding every day and gets 5,000 axe skill, I'm just saying you need to at least have it in you to cap your swords and axes, that's 750 axes and 600 swords, sure having it higher is nicer, but we're not going to give you sh*t if you don't get it past it, we will if you only have for example, 200 axe skill.

If you've read this and you want to join message me on the forums, if we like you and you're a decent PvP'er we can supply you to begin start with things like diamond blocks and training pots, one final note, this isn't just for the one server, we do soup PvP ect, ect, we're just looking for a group of decent PvP'ers. Msg me if interested!