Looking For Staff | Clover Survival | Staff Needed
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Eh I'm starting a new Minecraft survival server called Clover Survival :) and we are currently looking for staff and builders. 
Server Theme : clover, shamrock, Irish deal, green and such.
We will have a wall of heads of the players who play on the server but they have to earn it.
The Staff Application will look like this so copy and paste it and comment you application below.

Real name(Optional):
Where Are You From Or live in atm?
What are You applying for?
Web Designer:
How Many languages do you Speak:
Do you have Skype with a working microphone?
Have You ever been banned from a server? If so Why?
Why should we choose you?
Maturity out of 10:
What are you best at?
Pictures of your builds.
How many hours a week can you be on the server?
Good Luck :) :)