Lost Kingdoms RPG - KickStarter now open!
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Hey guys - I just wanted to let you know about my KickStarter campaign for a survival RPG/Fantasy server I've been working on for some time now. The money will be going towards paying for a dedicated host and developing new features and builds for you guys to enjoy.

If you would like to support the release of Lost Kingdoms (hopefully sometime this March) and receive some exclusive rewards please visit https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/16 ... ecraft-rpg

Otherwise feel free to come on whenever you see the server online - we would really appreciate your feedback!

Already implemented features include...
- A new tiered crafting system
- Four main classes to level in each with their own set of skills
- Character attributes that shape your style of combat
- Four "crafts" that increase efficiency when collecting resources and doing tasks
- Kingdom creation with territory claiming, grief protection, raiding and wars
- Complex bosses and epic monsters that scale in difficulty as you explore new lands
- 300+ unique items (constantly increasing)
- Dungeons full of traps and treasure
- A dynamic player economy with a three-piece currency
- Rideable pets
- Form parties with friends and level up together
- Bounties to place on your worst enemies
- Custom potion crafting
- Multi-stage quests with neat rewards
- Plus a ton of smaller gameplay-tweaking features!

Website: http://www.lostkingdoms.net
IP (May be offline prior to launch): play.lostkingdoms.net