Lost legacy [Private] [Vanilla] [Survival] [20 player]
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Lost legacy is a private vanilla Survival only server. We would like to form a small tight knit community with players who love too build large bases, and willing to help others out. Out of our 20 slots avalible 16 are currently open and we hope to fill all the empty slots. Please read the Faqs section before filling out an app :D

We are now open!! 



1. Will the server slots be increased in the future?

A: The server has a cap of 25 players we are going with 20 to help keep any lag down. We may increase to the full cap of 25 later in the future.


2. Will the server run 24/7?

A:Yes and no, We will be doing 2 weekly restarts. If updates or major maintance is needed then the server will be brought down on Sunday. Server messages will be posted warning of maintance days, a warning will be issued 10 minutes prior to weekly Restarts or a Shutdown.


3. Will the server ever go public?

A: No


4. Are Mod and Admin positions open?

A: We are in need of Mods and Admins these positions will be avalible at a later time.


5. Will creative mode ever be allowed?

A: Creative mode is only used too construct server based projects,no player not even Admins and Mods are allowed to use it for personal play.


6. Can Admins and Mods give items,effects, etc out too players?

A: No, any Admin or Mod caught doing so will lose their privilages.


7. If am ever Ban will I be allowed back on the server at some point?

A: No Bans are permanent unless the Ban was done in wrong.


8. Is there any anti-Grief plug ins in place on the server?

A: We are running several plugs in to help prevent grief, we will not disclose those systems here.


9. I stream Minecraft on Twitch, May I stream while playing on the server?

A; Yes, so long as you ask or have permission before entering another players base while streaming. This is a matter of respect for your fellow players cool


If there are any further questions please post them here and Ill be sure to answer them the best I can!! cool


Application format

MC Name:


Time playing MC:

Admin/Mod experience? :

(Note: Next questions are for fun!!)

Superman or Mighty Mouse?:

Are you Related to Jimney Cricket?:

Do you like Frank Sinatra?

(note: Fun is over now!!)

Your reason for wanting to join Lost legacy, please be detailed:



Are you interested in being a Admin/Mod? If yes please list any experiences and where, along with why would you like to be one be detailed with your reason.


Lastly the review process will take time, you may or may not be selected.  Thank you for taking interest and the time to post a app if you have.



Owner of Lost legacy and staff