Machine's How To: Be A Great MC Player
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How To Be A Great Minecraft Player

Step 1: Raid And Kill People, This Will Make You Get More Friends To Help  You.

Step 2: Donate If You Can. You May Get Usefull Items And Ranks.

Step 3: Create A Faction And A Faction Home. Claim You Faction Home By Using The Command /f claim And Recruit Players.

Step 4: After A Hour Or 2 With A Player You Thrust, Make Him Faction Mod. Command: /f mod "Player".

Step 5: Mine, If You Find Redstone, Dig 20x20 By It. That Will Make A 70% Chance To Get Diamonds.

Step 6: Raid Other Factions With You Faction Members! You Got Much Smaller Chance Without Your Faction Members. Give Your Members Faction Titles. The Command Is /f title "Player" "Title". This Will For Example Make "MachineMinecraft" In Faction Chat To "Owner MachineMinecraft".

Now Your An Ultimate Minecraft Player! Enjoy!