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Welcome to The Madness Forum Post

The Madness is a Spigot server based around friends wanting to have a place to go and escape the drama from everyday issues.

Here at "The Madness" everyone is treated like family, we hold ourselves at the bases of, fights will happen but you are never able to rage quit.

The Madness is a very low lag server, with survival aspects, but also with a few twist thrown into the works. With plugins like "Blood Moon" to beast up and make you question going out at night. Yet we do know that not everyone will let a few mobs in diamond armor scare them off so that why we have added Mcmmo and a few OP enchantments to help give you a good edge in PVP and PVE. With many more things to come, we pride ourselves on listening to the community and find out what they want added to the server to give them the best experience. We are constantly updating and grow ourselves to be one of the best servers out there.

A few helpful links

Minecraft IP: "mc.TheMadness.us"
TeamSpeak: vs28.tserverhq.com:7327
Website: TheMadness.us (Currently in Progress)

Upon joining "The Madness" you will be welcomed in with a /kit, providing basic armor, tools, and food, you will also be in our new built spawn. With signs allowing you to be randomly teleported away so you can start your great journey. So feel free to grab some friends or make some new ones and join us in our great escape.

I appreciate you reading and hope we see
"The Madness" claim you too.