!- Staff and players needed! McMMO, Custom Enchants- Join Now!
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Welcome to the official MagmaPVP server post!

MagmaPVP, a server that is built for the community. We are an established body looking for new dedicated players to join! Our server has only just opened for the new year, we are always open to feedback and will work on it ASAP. Our server is constantly under improvements in the hope that we receive that popularity by YOU people.


1) No use of hacked clients and unapproved mods.
2) No discussion about obtaining or the giving out of hacked clients or unapproved mods.
3) Threats towards the players/community is not acceptable and will be dealt with an IP ban
4) No spamming
5) No Advertising
6) Respect fellow members
7) Respect Staff and their decisions

Staff is needed, and so are Players so please check us out I'm sure you wont regret.
I hope that you enjoy what our server has to offer and thank you for taking time reading this post!