Make minecraft pocket edition servers online REALLY
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for those of you whom have been waiting SO long for online minecraft pocket edition servers i have finally come up with a solution that works on both iOS AND Android!
1: go tothe app store or android market and download the "GoAnySite" app.
2: open it and run the settings mod installation link
3: go to settings and tap the new VPN setting
4: select the server of your choice and turn on.
2: open it and tap the circle next to"US" then tap the connect button
3: (nothing)
4: (nothing)
5: open minecraft app and tap the join game button
6: wait for other player's servers to appear and join the desired one.

not sure it works yet (it should work kinda like hamachi cracked servers)
but i just don't wanna be alone.
also at least one person needs to run a game.