Manics End - minigames/pvp factions/non-pvp survival
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Server Name - Manics End
Server Address -
Player Slots - 100

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Basically 'Manics End' is the result of a merger between a 2-3 year old community (coincidentally called Manic Miner) that unfortunately lost its server, and a relatively new, family owned, formerly private server (called Worlds End) that went public and was looking to build up some kind of community.

Manics End is currently advertised on several popular Minecraft-related websites. The server is updated to Minecraft 1.8.8, and currently has the following features installed:

  • Jail
  • Casino
  • Server Store - currently under construction.
  • Main lobby world with portals to the Creative, Factions and Survival worlds.
  • 'PlotMe' Creative Mode world with protected, player-claimable, 100 block x 100 block plots.
  • Factions World (with its own Nether and End worlds), team up with friends, claim some land, build a base and dominate the world and any other factions, PvP factions only, PvP and mobs enabled, normal difficulty mode. Separate inventory from Survival Worlds.
  • Survival world (with its own Nether and End worlds, plus a separate resource gathering world), PvP disabled, raiding disallowed, mobs enabled, normal difficulty mode, anti-griefing plugin installed, claim land easily, earn more claim allowance as you play. Separate inventory from Faction Worlds.
  • Mob Arena minigame - 2 separate arenas in a custom built stadium, scoreboards available for both arenas. Fight alone or in teams against successive waves of mobs.
  • Skyblock minigame - develop a floating island on your own or make a team with friends, complete challenges to unlock more items and blocks.
  • Mario Kart minigame with 18 custom built racetracks. 2-players minimum, most tracks will take up to at least 8 players per race. Custom resource pack is available, make sure your game is set to at least ask you for permission to install server resource packs.
  • Paintball minigame with 26 custom built arenas. 2-players minimum.
  • Other features include mcMMO, jobs, a server economy (survival worlds only), and a custom rank structure maintained by an auto-promotion system.

The Manics End community currently doesn't accept cash donations to fund its server costs, as these are entirely handled by one of the communities owners, but the website/forum is based on the Enjin Advanced Plan system and so the community owners will gratefully accept any donations made in the form of additional time added to the Advanced Plan in order to keep the website/forum up and running with all the features the plan provides.

N.B. There are no in-game donator rank and in-game donation perks, but anyone that donates 'Advanced Plan time' to the community website receives a custom donator icon and title next to/under their name on the forum by way of a thank you.