Mayhaven Project: Mianite
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I'm here to make a small advertisement about our server known as the "Mayhaven Project" . We currently been online to the public for the last three weeks and we would like the see more players join. If anyone is interested into the Mayhaven Project please join our server!


IP :


Right now the server is "Mianite" Themed. If you don't know about Mianite its a sorta famous YouTube series made by TheSyndicateProject , iiJerichoii, CaptainSparklez, & OMGItzFirefoxx . Check out their videos of their version of Mianite if you want to know more about the storyline because we are using the character from that series, but making up new character & new storyline


Give us a shot, The Staff team is always there to help if you need to know more, we have some of the famous plugins like McMMO, SlimeFun, InsaneMobs & More!


We have a trailer for the server at this Link -->


Also if you like to see the website, make sure you sign up & vote daily! Link-->


ONE MORE LINK I PROMISE lol We also have a twitter that we post updates & new features on there more!




Thank you so much for viewing this post if you did, smack that trailer a Like if you enjoyed the Trailer, we are working hard to enable cool things for the players to explore!


Here's a few pictures if you want to see a bit more of the server!~



Thank you so much for viewing this thread if you did, we appreciate you even just looking at it and not even wanting to join we just want to get our name out there!