~~MC-Core Network~~ -[ EcoPvP | Factions(NEW) | Deathmatch | Pandemic | Creative ]- IP: play.mc-core.com
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Server IP: play.mc-core.com

Version: 1.8 and 1.7.X

Newest Sub-Server: Factions

Sub-Servers: EcoPvP, Factions, Pandemic (Zombie survival), Creative and Deathmatch.

The MC-Core server has been around for over 2 years, which means we have a lot of experiene running a server.
That's why we can provide you one of the best minecraft experiences out there.
All of our staff is professional and mature.
We have an experienced development team which keeps adding new fresh content and keeps the old content in balance.

Enjoy your stay at the MC-Core network!

Server IP: play.mc-core.com

No Whitelist needed!