MC-DG.COM Op Factions/Op Prison/Skyblock/Creative
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Version: 1.8-1.11 :)
Here at MC-DG.COM we offer 4 Different Gamemodes:
- Op Factions *Custom Enchants, 1.7 TnT Cannon Mechanics, McMMO, KOTH, Custom Terrain, Bedrock Breaker, Insta Wall, Envoys, Tokens and many more!

- Op Prison *26 Handmade Mines, 37+ Different Ranks, and many Custom Features!

- Skyblock *Custom Plugins, Spawners, Active Community, Economy, PvP!

- Creative *Fast World Edit, Vote for plots, and more!

Our server is currently accepting staff and we listen to what the community says because we'd like to make the play experience worth your time.