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- No whitelist, anyone can join!
- 24/7, 120 slots
- Amazing staff
- Drug server, grow wheat and other varuous drugs(crops) and then sell to become rich

- PvP
- Raid
- Factions and party system
- Custom server texture pack
- Guns from shotgun, flamethrower to RPG, grenades, M16s etc.
- MCMMO levels for mining and crafting etc. Highly rewarding a high levels
- Police ranks and roles
- Fast growing, friendly community
- Mini games such as mob arenas and spleef etc.

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/quickstart - A helpful little guide on how to get started.
/rules - A list of the server rules.
/help - Help with almost anything on the server.
/drugs - A list of all drugs on the server.
/ranks - A list of ranks on the server.
/rankup - Ranks you up to a higher rank.
/police - A guide on how to apply for police.
/policeranks - A list of police ranks on the server.
/guns - A list of the guns and ammunition.
/texturepack - The link for our custom texture pack.
/buy - Our donation packages.
/vote - Links to vote sites.

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Addict - Starter rank with basic commands.
Dealer - Join Factions, use guns, /sethome and /home
Chemist - Start auctions, /tpa
Associate - /tpahere
Trafficker - Create Factions
Made Man - Set two homes, Access to colored chat (&5Hello)
Drug Lord - Create bounties on players
Gang Leader - Can use AK-47, /warp drugs
King Pin - Set three homes
!God Father! - Set five homes, /warp godfather

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- Respect all players
- Racism, sexism and excessive swearing will not be tolerated
- Griefing, raiding, scamming and spawn killing is allowed
- Do not ask staff for items
- No hacked clients or third party software
- No duping, glitching, exploiting items allowed
- No advertising other servers
- No spamming/flooding chat

Please read all signs at spawn and respect our rules.
/vote for $2000 in game currency, 20 experience bottles and 2 diamonds each link. 

There are currently five links at this present time. Type /vote in game and click on the links.