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We're a small, new server that breaks the mold of your normal, generic Pixelmon experience, and makes it much more fun! The server is very competitive, with 8 unique, competitive, player-run, dual-type gyms. We also plan to add 8 more, level 100 gyms, as well as 8 NPC gyms (for the players who don't competitive battle) in the future.

We have very active staff, all of which are pretty friendly. The server is still new, so we're looking for graphic designers and more gym leaders. If you would like to apply for any of those positions, please do so on the forums.

Server Features:

== Competitive Gyms! == We've got 8 competitive, player-run, dual-type gyms - All of our gym leaders are very experienced with competitive battling and all of their gym pokemon are EV trained to perfection. We strive to have the best gyms in all of pixelmon. The types are as follows: Fire/Ghost Grass/Fighting Psychic/Ground Normal/Flying Water/Steel Electric/Dragon Dark/Bug Poison/Ice

== Move Tutor! == Move tutoring is a great way to enhance your pixelmon experience, as well as making competitive battling that much more exciting! To get a move tutor, simply purchase an MT token at /warp MT, ask an admin to tutor your pokemon, tell them what move you want and in what slot, and there ya go! Move tutored. The moves you can get from tutoring include level-up moves, event moves, egg moves, moves your pokemon has forgotten, prior evolution moves, and move tutor only moves.

== A Great Competitive Scene ==
Battle your friends, make rivals, and earn points to become the server champion! We use a point system that allows players to gain points by winning battles in point tournaments. The player with the most points will the champion (and get a champion title in-game) until someone gets more points than them.

== Weekly Tournaments ==
Compete in weekly tournaments to try and earn prizes, such as rare and/or shiny pixelmon, Rare Candies, Masterballs, in-game cash, and more! You can also host your own tournament and let other players compete for your prizes.

== Monthly Events ==
Join in on monthly server events and minigames, such as Big Digs, Scavenger Hunts, and more!

== Battle Frontier ==
We have just released our new Battle Frontier. There you can battle NPCs, Frontier Brains, and much more. We even feature the Battle Arcade, which will allow you to do a random battle type, which will change the battle completely! More details can be found on our forums.

- EV Training Center
- All Legends Spawn
- Weekly Events (sometimes drop parties, other times boss/spawn parties)
-BossShop GUI for buying most blocks, all pixelmon items (including EV training items, Rare Candies, and Masterballs), as well as materials
- Great Economy
- Griefprevention for land claiming
- Riding Enabled
- Wondertrade Mod
- EVs/IVs Mod
- Cheap, affordable donation prices
- Voting


-Don't spam the chat.
-Don't advertise other servers.
-Don't grief. Don't exploit.
-Don't beg for pokemon/items.
-No cheats allowed (except for pokeradar and gameshark).

More information:
Whitelist: Disabled
PvP: Disabled (unless you are in a PVP mingame)
Difficulty: Peaceful
Game mode: Survival