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Dear People,

Have you ever seen Mindcrack and wished you could do something like it? Have you wished you could record experiences such as this yourself? Wish no longer! I am starting CoolCraft (name in progress...), a private, Whitelisted server limited to a small group of friendly people, where we will build a community and have fun with colabs and pranks. It will be survival, with base building and resource gathering. There will be small towns littered across the map with a main hub town at spawn. We will build a fun land type of amusement park place for minigames and stuff. If you are as hyped. As I am about this, please consider helping me fund this. Right now, my general idea for membership is 5$ a month, which I believe is reasonable. If you disagree, please let me know. Once I have enough members in community, we can make a website and public server where the Whitelisted server members can be staff. Remember that for the enjoyment of everyone in the community, I request that people wishing to apply be mature enough, and not the type of person that bombards others' bases senselessly. For applications, I simply request:

Favorite Mindcracker/Hermitcrafter(optional):
Paying the monthly fee at the website I will provide.

Although this server will be my dream, it cannot be created without the help of many, thoughtful people who share similar hopes for a fun community. If you are interested, please submit an application below and once I accept it, go to the website below and select the monthly payment amount. You will remain a member for as long as you pay.
Here is the website: https://www.patreon.com/Coolie2?ty=h

I hope that this server becomes a fun, interesting community, and hope that you all share the same hopes with me.