Of Mine and Men [PvP] [Raiding] [Factions] [Economy] [mcMMO] [Mob Arena] [Versions 1 7 2 - 1 7 5]
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Of Mine and Men

A Server hosted by a town High School

Welcome to the Of Mine and Men Server! Here, we are proud to represent this server for our town! As you see from the title that what the server features.

Why should I join this out of the others?

  • Fair 1v1 system! /duel (name) 
  • Auctions
  • Option to buy faction power
  • Optional Ranks
  • Great Staff
  • Great Builders
  • Mob Arena rewards (Money, gold, cake, DIAMOND)
  • Great sence of humor!]

What is there for free on this server?

  • Member+ - /back (Obtained once completing parkour)
  • YT - Same as MVP+
  • Weekly kits and Starter Kits!

Where can i see the ranks?

​How good are your builders?

           Image will be attached

What is the IP?


Who is hosting?

McProHosting (Good deal, good guys!)