Mine+ Network | McMMo - Non-PvP/PvP Weekends - Active Staff - Antigrief - Skyblock, Towny & Prison -
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- Skyblock: Simple rules, easy to play, easy to gain friends and island members, raiding is a illegal offense, many ways to prevent from your items being scammed/stolen, active staff, TP'ed to spawn when falling off island

- Towny: Spend a long time on the server and automatically be added to a subgroup with more perms, raiding is illegal, non-pvp based server, active staff, active mini-games (Spleef), PvP @ /warp PvP on weekends, Keep items on Death

- OP-Prison: Releasing soon, OP, easy rank-up, friendly players, Plots, no tp-delay, prestige, blocks to inventory on break, raiding is illegal, scamming is illegal

So, these are quick and simple things on why you should join our Network.
So after reading all these, we're hoping you're wanting to join our Server!
So here's the IP along with the website, thanks for reading/playing!
~ Manny

IP > Play.mine.plus
Website URL > Mine.plus
Store URL > store.mine.plus