Minecraft Competition @ LAN!
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Our ever popular Minecraft booth will be present at Insomnia48 with even more exciting competitions and general fun times for all. We will have the classics, and some new fun modes for everyone to get involved with.

We have old favourites, classics with a twist, and an entirely new game mode.

Creative Build – NEW UPDATE!

The competition that you can play from your own seat, the Minecraft Creative Build, returns with a twist. Now you can use WorldEdit to craft your creations even quicker then before. This means you don’t need to spend your entire weekend placing block by block just to make a wall, you can get the bulk of the work done in a flash and then spend more time on the little fun details. Don’t worry, a guide will be available for those unfamiliar with the mod.


A firm favourite with the one day visitors, the Parkour competition will see players trying to set the fastest times running on the latest custom track. Sprint, hop and jump to get to the finish line, and the top times of the day are in with a chance to win a prize! New track every day.


This simple arena based battle is great fun. Knock the floor out from under your opponents and watch them plummet to their doom! Balancing digging, jumping and looking where you are going is the key to victory, but watch out, the arena will shrink if you are not fast enough.

Hunger Games

Based on the popular film with the same name, the Hunger Games pits you against 7 opponents with only one rule: survive! Find and collect secret items and evade your enemies, or be aggressive and try and eliminate them first, the choice is yours. But hang around too long and the world starts to catch fire, forcing you into a conflict in the middle of the island & the winner is the last player alive.

The Walls – NEW!

Combining building and combat, “The Walls” is a return to the roots of Minecraft! You can craft armour, build traps, cannons, fortresses and much more… just like classic Minecraft, the world is yours. Hidden treasures will give you an edge with unobtainable items on this limited world. We will be playing this in a 2v2v2v2 format, so bring a friend!

To take part in many of these activities you just need to show up with any ticket type (from as little as a £5 spectator pass), and speak to our Minecraft team at the booth in the exhibition hall. To take part in the creative build you will require a BYOC ticket however due to the prolonged time required to make a qualified entry. For more information on all of these competitions click here.


Any questions, please don't hesistate to ask :)