Minecraft: Skywars #4 "Bow Snipes" With Quantum UpRising
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Quantum UpRising
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Quantum UpRising
Why Hello Everyone! Welcome to my thread featuring a video of mine! My group channel consists, Quantum Uprising, consists of five comedy members including myself- Orangeanau. We post video 3 times a week on a various number games such as Minecraft, Horror Games, and other video! I hope you enjoy our content. If you do, be sure to click on the Channel Link above the video and subscribe! Every subscribers helps us to grow our channel and make even better content! If you have any advice for our content or idea on how we can improve, leave us a comment on the video and the thread! For more information on things such as collaborations, the Question of the Week, and other topics, scroll down below the video!

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Wow! Welcome to below the video. Enjoy yourself while you are her! Also don't forget to like, comment and subscribe!

Question of the Week-
Every week I post a question you to reply. This week's question is are 5-8 minute videos long enough. In the past I have posted around 10-15 minute video, but I recently decided to make them shorter. What length videos do you like? Reply here and tell me in the comment section on the video!

If you have any advice be sure to tell us! We are always looking to improve our content and make it more enjoyable for viewers. Please be sure to give us any advice you may have on how we can take our content to the next level.

We are always looking for new people to collaborate with! If you want enjoy what you see and feel your personality is a good fit message me on YouTube. Subscriber count doesn't matter in order to do a collaboration with us. We only ask that you work hard on your channel, put up good content, and refrain for using vulgar language.

Shout Outs-
I love trading shutouts and giving deserving other channels more publicity. In order for me to do a shout out of your channel you need to meet a few requirements. You have to post videos on a regular schedule that are high quality. I will give you a shout out once you send me a link of one of your videos in which you give my channel a shout out.

I do not do subscriber for subscriber. But, if you subscribe to my channel and have good content I will subscribe back. I feel that it is our job to help each other out and work together.

YouTube Group-
For a long time I have wanted to create a group with other dedicated Youtubers. I would want to play a multitude of different games along with expert commentary and possibly some animations. If you are interested in creating a group with me, message me through YouTube or reply to this thread. I hope this dream can become a reality soon!

Thanks for looking at the thread and watching the video! I wish you good luck in your adventure throughout life.
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