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We are pleased to announce that Mineland is here.
A network of mini games to coincide with our main Survival towny server.
Mineland is entirely free to play, so give it a try today! You will be able to experience:
Survival server - This server has towny, mcMMO, economy based with lots of exciting adventure to be had.
Mini-games - Currently active we have Spleef and Hunger Games. These are just the start of our projects, with a new PvP Kit battle arena currently being built and several custom game types being worked on.
These are exciting new games that will only be available on Mineland.
You can start your adventure in Mineland with our awesome new startup kits. These are for new or returning players only. But they will help all new players get a foot hold on our survival server.
We have recently moved to new dedicated servers, which offer amazing reliability and great ping to anywhere in the world.
So join us on Mineland and get your adventure in minecraft a new life with a great friendly community. Help us grow and we will become bigger and stronger together.
Our website is http://mineland.org Come visit us.
IP: mc.mineland.org
Plugins we use: Custom Citizenship test
  Prism - For block logging and rollbacks of griefs
  Lwc - For chest and other protections
  Frame Protection
  Votepoints Shop
  Many others - Mainly admin tools
Server Rules
Griefing is not permitted and is a banable offense.
No Griefing in towns - If the block does not belong to you, then you shouldn't destroy it.
No Stealing - We offer LWC on this server to lock all chests, doors, and Signs. However, even if a chest is not locked, that does not mean the rules no longer applies. Removing items from chests that do not belong to you is considered stealing. Stealing blocks from someone's building, crops from someone's farm, animals that they have enclosed within walls or fences is not acceptable. Killing of another player's animals that they have enclosed within walls or fences or may be riding is also considered a form of stealing.
No offensive material - Anything offensive said in chat, written on a sign, player skins, or made with blocks is against the rules.
No Cheating - There will be no usage of any kind of ore detectors, xrays, invisibility hacks, dupes, bug abusing, slime chunk detectors, strong hold detectors, 3rd party software that gives unfair advantages e.g auto clicker, etc. These are permanent ban worthy offenses.
Fly Mods - The usage of these mods are reserved exclusively for Baron and Baroness donators and above. Do not attempt to use fly mod without authorization.
No Spam / Advertising / CAPSLOCK - Self explanatory. No stupid pointless annoying messages in rapid succession. No advertising other servers or companies in chat. NO YELLING, IT IS ANNOYING.
PvP - Is not allowed nor possible outside of the dedicated areas such as the PvP world.
Building - Only possible 500 blocks outside of spawn. Also you can check your coordinates using F3, /whereami, and minimaps.
Towns - You are not allowed to build on the outskirts of towns, it hinders town expansion. If you build too close, it is your fault, and your builds will be removed.
Mob Grinders - They are allowed, however not within 1000 blocks of spawn. You may also not stay AFK at spawners and let the mobs accumulate.
Artificial Mob Spawners - They are NOT allowed. This includes Iron Golem farms, Pigmen Farms. HOWEVER: Wither pads and Enderman pads are allowed.
Staff - Do as we ask or leave. Do not harass us, ask us to spawn items, or to become staff.
Impersonation - Staff impersonation may get you warned or banned depending on the situation.
Do not be a jerk - This is a general rule, if someone asks you to leave their house, do so.
Spammy redstone contraptions are not allowed - If they can cause server lag, you may be banned. Depends on severity.
Owner - ModalInc
Admin - Jmartinsbu, jaccerz83, Duke_Newcombe
Plus we have helpers who are there to purely help new and existing player.
Donation Ranks: We have a series of donator ranks that give perks ranging from flying to tpa. They donation ranks have time limits on their duration, except the permanent ones of Duke and Duchess.