Mineland - SkyBlock unique server
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We open SkyBlock server where you can play with your friends. :)
Island parties:
You can create an island and then add your friends and surviving together. ;)
SkyBlock quests:
You can complete quest branches, for example "Farm". In this branch you will build all types of gardens! From wheat to cocoa beans! And for every completed quest you will get reward, yeah.

Interesting features:
All our plugins are self-written, so we have interesting features. for example, try to fall out of the world in the spawn. I want to see your reaction! :D Also we have a super-axe! It is an axe that cut down trees *like in real life*. See this gif picture, very interesting:

Economy, shops and auctions:
We made very interesting economy. Our "admin-shop" is very expensive, but you can get many resourses from quests and... other players! We have auctions for small deals and every player can made own shop on his island for free for making business! It is very interesting.

Contact to administartion:
Every player can get book, write and sign it and then drop it to the "hole". We read every book on our website and reply to every normal player. So you can write critical bugs, wishes or complains and get answer after 1-2 days! It is our own idea :)

Website: Mineland SkyBlock site
Server IP: mc.mineland.net
Version: 1.8